Marksmen Fraternity in Toruń invites members of the marksmen fraternities of the cities affiliated in the New Hanseatic League to participate in a shooting tournament for the title of the King of the New Hanseatic League organized as part of the 43rd New Hanseatic League Convention in Toruń.

The tournament will be held on the 24 June 2023, starting at 3:00 pm at the headquarters of the brotherhood Fort VI, Szosa Chełmińska 212 / ul. Bractwa Kurkowego.
Applications: until 15 May 2023.

The King of the New Hanseatic League will be chosen in a shooting competition according to the principle “the first to knock the hen off its perch wins”.

The ceremonial enthronement of the king will take place on 25 June at 3:30 PM at the Old Town Square. The king will receive at the enthronement: a commemorative sash and beer mug (after a toast), and the shot down hen with commemorative inscriptions, and a bilingual commemorative diploma.

The course of the shooting and enthronement ceremony will be announced two weeks before the tournament.

During the tournament, the organizer will provide drinks and snacks.

Participation in the tournament and stay in Toruń at the participants’ own expense.

Conditions for participation

  1. The tournament is open to current local marksmen kings, or if they do not wish to apply – marksmen kings of 2022, 2021, 2020 or a member of the marksmen fraternity from New Hanseatic League member cities. 
  2. Shooting is carried out only with small-calibre arms provided by the organizer. Standing stance with free hand. Shooters fire one shot at a time according to the list until the hen falls from its perch.
  3. If a greater number of shooters apply, qualifying rounds will be held in groups [of 25 shooters each], from which five shooters enter the finals according to the following rule: the one who shot down the hen, two shooters before him and two shooters after him. The applicable division into groups will be determined two weeks before the tournament.
  4. At the tournament, the uniforms of the parent fraternities are mandatory.
  5. The entry fee for the tournament is: 25 Euros, payable by bank transfer to the account of the Kurkowe Bractwo Strzeleckie of Toruń along with the tournament registration.
  6. Application deadline: 15 May 2023

Contact persons:

E-Mail: jozef.jarosz@wp.pl, l_polak@wp.pl

TEL.: +48 602153894

Homepage: https://kbs.torun.pl/